Range Extender & Thermal Generator

  • Continuous External Combustion or Cryogenic Engine
  • Low pressure, Low Temperature, Zero Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Compact, light-weight, power dense
  • Natively balanced and low NVH

Power Generator

The FeTu core architecture enables a unique power regeneration cycle; where a continuous heat source (burner or cryogenic process) is used to generate rotary motion.

A volumetric offset built into each half of the same FeTu unit, enables continuous compression and oversized expansion. Mimicking the continuous combustion process of a gas turbine but within a positive displacement device, which enables low-speed, high-torque effectivity.   

This overcomes the high pressure, high temperature needs and intermittent burn of an internal combustion engine, producing a complete fuel burn with high order of efficiency.  Making it ideal for ultra-light portable power generation and range extension.