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The challenge of climate change is leading to an increasing demand on businesses to source cleaner energy solutions. 

FeTu was established in 2016 based in West Yorkshire, we are an innovation driven enterprise that has created a revolutionary ‘green’ energy device targeting carbon reduction across a broad range of systems and industries.

FeTu offers a disruptive, enabling technology; a versatile ‘continuous positive displacement’ machine that inherently lends itself to be a cost effective, highly efficient, fluid displacement system for a broad variety of applications.

The FeTu ‘roticulating’ concept is perceived as the world’s first ‘quad-acting’ device (duplex double-acting). It is lightweight and scalable and uses just two moving parts to operate four anti-phased compression chambers, offering low-loss conversion from potential to kinetic energy.

‘Insider’ listed FeTu in the ‘top 50 most exciting companies to watch in 2019’.

Company Progress - Founded 2016

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As an Innovation Driven Enterprise FeTu welcome Commercial, Technology and Investment interest.