Vacuum Pump

  • High Built-in Volumetric Ratio makes for an ideal vacuum pump
  • Absolute expansion ratio (in excess of 500:1)
  • Negates multi-stage by combining high volume with deep discharge pressure
  • Dry running tests show 50kPa Vacuum achieved at 300rpm (trends toward full vacuum @ 1,000rpm)
  • Wet running (oil) tests show 50kPa Vacuum achieved at 50rpm (trends toward full vacuum at 100rpm)
  • Effective from 50rpm and 2, 4 or 6 pole motor speeds (fixed or variable)

The duplex dual-acting positive displacement chambers communicate with the suction port through their entire expansion phase (from zero to full volume).

An instantaneous chamber isolation event and transfer to the discharge port occurs at full volume, where the evacuated gas is completely expelled and the chamber returns to a zero volume condition before being reintroduced to the suction port.

The dual-acting chamber arrangement, combined with instantaneous port transfer offers high volumetric efficiency and continuous suction and discharge.

FeTu have a range of paid-trial opportunities to now validate the lab tests against demanding vacuum applications.  Ideally where current state-of-the-art struggles to address a need.