What is Fetu ROTICULATE?

Markets & Tech Readiness

FeTu’s Unique Selling Points

Gas compressor (tests complete, proof of concept & commercial viability)

Test highlights: 7.2:1 PR @ 1,000rpm (6.2barg); over 75% indicated efficiency; oil-free; capable of generating 45kPa vacuum at only 50rpm.  To a conventional machine pressure and volume flow are usually polarised.  Effective from start-up, FeTu's completely collapsing volumes combines high-pressure with high volumetric flow.  On test the highly efficient unit delivered air at very low (near ideal) temperatures. On the assumption of zero port and zero sealing losses, FeTu has the capability to achieve 100% volumetric efficiency.  

Able to produce high pressures at standard motor speeds, FeTu offers direct coupling without associated losses from speed correction (gearbox / inverter).  Units are compact, inordinately light and low noise.  FeTu’s combined characteristics are highly desirable and not currently available in a single offering; the potential to run oil free with a high isentropic efficiency offers a drastic step-change in a sector desperate for energy & net CO2 savings. 

The Innovate UK open call project was pronounced a success and over-delivery on IUK expectation was acknowledged. Despite the success of this ‘feasibility study', it was agreed that we have not yet explored or demonstrated anywhere near the true potential or limits of this device. 

Positive displacement pump 

Combined capability of high pressure, high volume and absolute metering from a single unit.  Positive displacement enables self-priming and high turn down ratios, bi-directional (mirrored) effectivity, low-noise, low TCO, light weight, simple and reliable.  Clean media pumps are prolific, with a market which is both significant and growing, yet no existing technology offers FeTu’s combined & highly desirable characteristics. 

Closed-loop thermodynamic cycle

Some 200 years ago Carnot (Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot) described an ‘ideal’ heat engine as being both ‘closed loop’ & ‘thermodynamically reversible’, to date such has never been realised, even perceived impossible.  An effective closed loop system is seen by many as the key to unlocking mass decarbonisation, by enabling the provision of 100% renewable energy from abundant natural heat sources (solar & geothermal).  FeTu has been described as exhibiting the characteristics of an ‘ideal’ closed-cycle heat engine.

Bench tests in 2020 have confirmed the capability of a FeTu machine to operate successfully closed-cycle.

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